Take some time

everyday to escape

from real life

and take a trip

to your alternate



 About Us

We are here for one main reason, as our guild name states, to Escape From Reality.

Daily life can be stressful and normally is, to us WoW is a way to distress and relax.  Escape from Reality was started by four close friends who love playing together and hope to find new friends that share their love for the game.  We are looking for new members who want to enjoy playing, in no way do we want people to feel that WoW is a job and something that has to be played; we want people who play because they want to.

Our number one rule is to have fun!

We will not tolerate drama, we understand that people may have issues with others at some point but everything can be worked out.
Continued drama is bounds for ejection from the guild.

We will not tolerate “Debbie Downers,” we understand that bad days happens but come on and have fun, we don’t need to hear how horrible everything is
and how nothing goes the way it was planned, being down brings everyone down.

If you have any issues contact the Guild Master or any Co Guild Master

What we are looking for
We want new and experienced players with a passion for the game
We want players who look forward to logging in to play
We want mature players who will have fun and wont act childish
We want players who will “man up” when they did something wrong
We want players that are here for more than themselves

Want to Join??

After reading what we are about, if you are interested in joining Escape from Reality please Contact us….be sure to include the answers to the following questions, your toons name, and anything else you would like us to know.

1.   How long have you been playing?

2.  How many guilds have you belonged to?

3.  Why did you leave them?

4.  Are you currently a member of a guild?

5.  Why do you want to leave them?

6.  Do you belong to any other guilds on this server?

7.  What are you looking for in a guild?

8.  Why do you want to join this guild?